Beth Carruthers
is an artist-philosopher whose work for more than 20 years has explored the human-world relationship. She is the author of a major research report commissioned by UNESCO, the Canada Council for the Arts, the Vancouver Foundation and the RSA (UK) on Arts in Ecology – collaborative arts/science practices. She works in photo-based media, and also explores the use of computer interactive technologies as an interface with the wild and living world.

Beth is past President of the Vancouver Association for Photographic Arts, and was Director of Exposure Gallery & Artist-run Centre in Vancouver. She was a collaborator on the programming and coordination of Vancouver's first Electronic Arts Festivals at the Western Front from 1995 through1997.

As Founding Co-Director of the SongBird project and the Society for Arts & Ecology in Practice (1997 through 2002), she co-developed one of the first comprehensive science/arts collaborative organisations in Canada with a focus on Arts & Sustainability within urban communities.

She lectures internationally, works as a consultant to cultural groups, and is pleased to be a member of the international curatorial team for the Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World (CCANW) in Devon, England. Currently, she is creating a program of college and university EcoART courses, and developing a theory of embodied and engaged aesthetics for publication.

Beth’s visual art works have been exhibited internationally, and she has taught photography, visual art and critical theory in the UK and Canada. She holds an MA in Values and Environment from the Institute for Environment, Philosophy and Public Policy at Lancaster University (UK) and a BFA from the Emily Carr Institute for Art and Design (Canada).
She has also studied at the University of British Columbia, the Lacoste School of the Arts in Provence, France and worked with Interactive Technologies and New Media at Simon Fraser University, Canada.