CULTURAL CURRENCY is an evolving enquiry dedicated to the belief that our relationship with our environing world and the other-than-human is the source that nourishes both culture and Being. As phenomenologist David Abram says, we are human only in relationship with the more-than-human. This relationship is the most intimate, the most central to our lives - and yet, as is the case with such relationships, it tends to be taken for granted.

Artist and theorist Suzi Gablik has asked what is the role of the artist at a time of eco-crisis. Carl Jung has said that it is the role of the artist to address the unconscious needs of their age.

CULTURAL CURRENCY expresses the belief that this role and this need is one of translator and messenger. Artists navigate the liminal spaces between self and other, bring back visions, translate and articulate messages, develop models of interchange. Art and art practices facilitate a process of learning through the engaged senses, one that can bypass conditioned patterns of thinking, allowing other ways of knowing to come forward, at times subtly, at times overwhelmingly. Art, as writer Jeanette Winterson says, objects. In its very being it obects to distancing, and proves separation a myth. Art speaks the language of the heart and reminds us of home.

What could be more current?


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